Portland Rental Market Frequently Asked Questions

What is going on in the rental market in Portland right now?

Portland’s rental market is hotter than it has been in at least 8-9 years and units of all price points, $700-$4500 are moving – the hot areas of town see rentals move very swiftly. Of course, the high end units don’t move as fast as the lower end. In the city, the $1200-$1800 units move the fastest.

Are rent prices negotiable?

It’s always worth a shot, but because rentals are moving, landlords are not necessarily compelled to negotiate, particularly in the city. Sometimes it might work better to negotiate with fees and lease term.

What is a typical rental term? Can I get a month to month or short term rental?

Month to month and short term rentals are rare, but they are out there. Apartment complexes will often do shorter lease terms, sometimes for a cost.  Some landlords will give an incentive, such as lower move-in fees, for a longer lease agreement. Depending on the time of year, landlords can be more agreeable to short term leases.

For example: A 6-month lease on a property would end in June. June would be a much more desirable time for a landlord to re-rent the property as opposed to December when a 1year lease would end. In this type of situation a landlord may be more willing to rent the property for a shorter term.

Why don’t more people offer month to month leases?

It is expensive (and a hassle) for landlords to find new tenants for a property. Advertising, cleaning fees and loss of rent while finding a new tenant are all cost factors for a landlord. It is in his or her best interest to have someone who will stay in the property long term.

What is the different between a deposit and a fee?

Listen closely to the terminology when discussing costs. In general, fees are actual costs that are non-refundable and deposits are costs that are potentially refundable. You should always clarify with your landlord/property management company which costs are refundable.

What are some of the other fees I can expect to pay?

There is typically a $35-$50 application fee for each person 18 and over that will be living in the home. Cleaning fees ($200-$250 for apartments, up to $600 for houses), pet fees (per animal) and security deposits (up to 1 months rent), as well as the first months rent.

What are the rules on dogs?

If a landlord will take a dog, there will sometimes be a weight limit or breed restriction. Breed restrictions are common here as many insurance companies will not offer coverage on properties that have some of the more aggressive breeds.  German Shepherds, Pitbulls and Rottweilers are among those that are typically not allowed. Some landlords may even charge a monthly ‘pet fee’. Some landlords may choose to do a ‘pet interview’ to assist in making their decision on allowing you to have pets on the premises.

What are typical pet fees and deposits?

Pet fees are high in this market – they range from $250 to as much as $500 per pet. These fees can be partially refundable and sometimes not refundable at all. It is common to see a fee of $500 per pet with half refundable upon move-out.

What about the rent specials some apartment complexes run?

These are called concessions and are based on the term of your lease. Most complexes make you take the concession up front, but some will let you spread it out over the course of your lease. If you break your lease early, you will be required to pay back the concession on top of any lease break fees agreed upon at the time your signed your lease.

For example: If an apartment complex offers you one month free on a 12-month lease, you will be required to pay back the free month if you break your lease.

What if I like a place I see managed by a property management company, but there are specific things that I feel should be fixed or improved upon?

When you fill out your application be sure to include the list of specific items you are requesting be fixed. It’s important to be aware that often little items, such as cleaning windows, or cleaning up the yard are considered reasonable. Larger requests, such as new carpeting throughout, are much tougher to negotiate, however, you can always ask. Your application is then based on the items you are requesting being done, so you will be able to decide if the property fits your needs depending on if the property management company is willing to work with your requests or not.

What if I have found a place, what are my next steps?

To be in first position for a rental property you must complete an application as well as pay the $35-$50 per person application fee. The application fee applies to anyone over 18 years of age that will be occupying the property. Applications are processed in the order they are received.

Note: If you are touring properties and you see one you like but want to continue looking, it is recommended that you fill out an application and pay the application fee so you will be in first position on that property. If you then find something you like better, you are only out the application fee.

What items are needed to complete an application?

To be most prepared, have a photo ID, a checkbook, three years previous landlord names/current phone numbers, a work offer letter (if transferring from out of the area).

How long does it take to get approved in Oregon?

It can take anywhere from 1 hour (not typical, but possible) to 4 days. Most companies give a 72 hour turn around time, apartment complexes tend to be much faster.

What if credit is “less than stellar”?

Management companies are most interested in rental history. Most are not nearly as concerned about whether you missed a payment on your Nordstrom card. They want a strong rent paying history and no evictions. It is always best to be up front about credit issues in the beginning. Usually there is a way around credit blemishes such as higher deposits, a co-signer, etc…

Who is responsible for the yard upkeep when I rent a house?

Typically it is expected that the renter keep up the yard. Usually if a landlord agrees to take care of yard maintenance it is reflected with a higher rent.

What are the costs I have heard about in the Pearl and downtown areas that involve the HOA companies?

HOA-run buildings(all condos) charge a fee between $300-$400 as move in and move out fees. This fee includes city permits (so that your moving truck can block the street) as well as elevator usage (padding the elevator and making it off limits to others during your move). Many also include a security guard to watch your moving truck while it is being loaded/unloaded. The one-time fee paid at move in also covers these services during move out.

Do renters pay HOA fees on condos?

No, landlords typically cover this fee. It is a good idea to verify this with your landlord/property management company at the time your sign your lease.



What utilities should I expect to pay?

With houses, the renter is typically responsible for all utilities such as; gas, electricity, garbage, water/sewer, cable, internet, phone and landscaping if applicable. With condo rentals, there are often one or two utilities that are included in rent (such as water/sewer and garbage), because the HOA which the landlord pays often covers these items. In rare circumstances, there will be additional utilities rolled into the rent such as basic cable or gas. Most utilities are separate with apartments and some may charge a flat fee to cover some utilities such as water/sewer and gas.

What about parking?

In the city, most condos include one parking spot; some (usually higher end rentals) may include two. Apartment complexes usually charge for parking, typically $150 per vehicle. Some may have waiting lists for parking spots, so it is best to have secured a parking spot for your vehicle before signing a lease. Some hospitals will allow you to park in their lots after 6pm as long as your vehicle is moved by 7 am.

What are typical lease break terms?

Most of the time lease break terms are fairly reasonable in Oregon. Typical terms include thirty days notice and one month’s rent. Some management companies may ask for two months rent plus all advertising costs until the property is rented.


2010 Rental Market Rates in Portland, OR

Downtown Portland:

Condos & Town Homes are prevalent

1-2 bedrooms: $900-$1800

3 bedrooms: $2200-$3000

Close in Single Family Homes

2-3 bedrooms $1400-$1800

4-5 bedrooms $1800-$2800

West Slope/West Hills:

Apartments, Condos, Town Homes & Single Family Homes

1 bedroom: $700-$900

2 bedrooms: $1100-1500

3 bedrooms: $1800-$2500; average $2300

4-5 bedrooms: $2500-$4500 and up; average $3400

***Forest Heights & Bethany are popular neighborhoods in this area***

Northeast Portland:

Apartments, Condos, Town Homes & Single Family Homes

1 bedroom: $650-$900

2 bedrooms: $950-$1300

3 bedrooms: $1300-$1800

4 bedrooms: $1700-$3000; average $2300-$2500

***Laurelhurst and Alameda neighborhoods are very popular due to the schools and location, you can expect a $200-$300/month increase***

Southeast Portland:

Apartments, Condos, Town Homes & Single Family Homes

1 bedroom: $650-$900

2 bedrooms: $1200-$1700

3 bedrooms: $1400-$1700

4 bedrooms: $2200-$4500; average $2500-$2800

***East Moreland & Reed College are highly sought after areas in Southeast Portland***

Clackamas/Happy Valley:

Apartments, Condos, Town Homes & Single Family Homes

1 bedroom: $600-$900

2 bedrooms: $1000-$1200

3 bedrooms: $1200-$1800

4 bedrooms: $1800-$3500; average $2400-$2500

Lake Oswego/West Linn:

Apartments, Condos, Town Homes & Single Family Homes

1 bedroom: $750-$1200

2 bedrooms: $1300-$1600

3 bedrooms: $1700-$2200

4 bedrooms: $2200-$5000 and up; average $2500-$2800

***New construction or lakefront (or view) property adds $1000/month to rental rates***


Temporary Housing Options


The following companies offer fully furnished corporate apartments complete with stocked kitchens.  The idea is that you would walk in with only your suitcase to stay, and walk back out when your stay is completed.  Food is not provided.  These types of units are typically available for 30 days or more. Some complexes may take pets.  There is always a pet fee as well as breed and size restrictions to take into consideration. Most can set up units in the Portland Metro or Vancouver areas. Websites are not given as they link you into the national sites and it is faster and more efficient to call or email the companies directly. 

Tell them you were referred by The Hasson Company for possible special rates.


U.S. Suites

Contact LeeAnn Larsen

(503) 443.2033 or (208) 322-3564


Oakwood Corporate Housing

Contact Hannah Sides

(503) 582-9229


Aboda Corporate Housing

Contact Sarah Cahoe

(425) 861-0500 x126


Suite America

Contact Nicole Schwarz – Relocation Coordinator

(916) 941-7970 x124



The following temporary housing options are also walk in/walk out options.  Some of the most affordable temporary housing in the area can be found at:

Extended Stay America


Locations include:

Hillsboro (503) 439-1515

Gresham (503) 661-0226

Vancouver (360) 604-8530

Homestead Village


Locations Include:

68th Parkway (503) 670-0555

158th (behind NIKE campus) (503)690-3600

Description: Motel room with a ½ kitchen at one end.                                                           

Homewood Suites


(503) 614-0900


Gateway Court off Cornell and Hwy 26

Description: Full Kitchens, Studios, 1 & 2 bedrooms, breakfast & light dinner 4 nights a week

Residence Inn


Locations include:

Lake Oswego (503) 684-2603

Riverplace (503)552-9500

Hillsboro (503)331-3200

Vancouver (503) 285-8400 or (360) 253-4800


The third option is to find an apartment, either month to month or a short-term lease.  Some apartment communities will add a premium for a less than 6 months or year lease.   Month to month is difficult to find; but be sure to ask if they are willing to consider month to month or a short-term lease with an additional monthly premium.  The apartment link below indicates which communities allow pets.  There are usually breed and size restrictions on pets.  The tenant is responsible for setting up and managing utilities.  Be sure to ask the apartment communities what utilities you will need and what they cover.

Research apartments at:


Research Single Family Homes at:

Short term houses are extremely difficult to find in the Portland/Vancouver area. The best place to research these is through Craigslist. You can typically find single family homes to lease for six months to a year:


Furniture rental quotes can be obtained from the following companies.  They may have a minimum lease term so be sure to ask.  The sources will rent everything, right down to the silverware to furnish a unit. The furniture rental companies will also deliver and pick up.

Cort Furniture Rental


(503) 520-8800

9495 SW Cascade Avenue, Beaverton, OR 97008

Peoples Furniture Rental


(503) 684-0118

(360) 253-8638

10855 SW Cascade Avenue, Tigard, OR 97223

Rental finding services which can help you find rental properties in the Portland/Vancouver area are available for a fee through BOS Corporate Relocation Services. You can reach them at (503) 343-9543 or (503) 810-6723 or via email at corprentpdx@aol.com.

Rental Reference Guide

Portland Area Property Management Firms


Alpine Properties                                                                               (503) 641-4620

Homes, Multiplexes & Apartments in Multnomah & Washington County


Aria Property Management                                                              (503) 381-2979

Executive Housing in Portland

Contact: Taghi Azizi


Associated Property Management, Inc.                                           (503) 648-2150

Homes, Multiplexes & Apartments in Aloha, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Cornelius


BB Management Group LLC.                                                             (503) 620-1333

Single family and small residential homes including duplexes, condos, townhomes


Beaumont Properties                                                                         (503) 493-9699

Mostly North & Northeast Portland properties


Bender Properties                                                                              (503) 233-4363

Homes, Multiplexes & Apartments for Southeast Portland


Best Portland Rentals                                                                         (503) 274-4066


Bluestone & Hockley                                                                         (503) 222-3800

Homes, Condos & Apartments


Carefree Property Management                                                       (503) 297-8111

Homes & Condos – mostly Westside of Portland

Contact: Tim McGrath or Kathleen McGrath


Capital Property Management                                                          (503) 287-4346

Multi-family properties


The Conifer Group                                                                             (503) 239-0015

Homes, Multiplexes & Apartments – Greater Portland areas


Fox Management, Inc.                                                                      (503) 280-0241

All areas of Portland


Gearin Properties, Inc.                                                                       (503) 626-7544

Homes & Condos – in most Portland areas


Inter-West Properties                                                                         (503) 642-7706

Homes, Condos, Multiplexes & Apartments in most areas of Portland


KB Properties                                                                                     (503) 642-7706

Homes, Condos, Multiplexes & Apartments in most areas of Portland


KB properties                                                                                     (503) 705-2295


KBC Property Management                                                              (503) 227-0305

Apartments – Northeast, Southeast, Southwest & close in Portland


Kerr Properties Inc.                                                                            (503) 666-0922

Homes – mostly Eastside, Northeast, Southeast, Gresham & Clackamas

Contact: Debbie or Sheryl


Jim McNeeley Property Management                                             (503) 292-8125

Homes – mostly Westside & Beaverton

Contact: Jim McNeeley


Mainlander Property Management                                                  (503) 635-4477

Homes and Condos; all areas

Contact: Betty Durham


L. Moore & Associates                                                                       (503) 639-4478

Homes, Multiplexes & Condos; Westside, Lake Oswego, Portland Metro areas

Contact: Lois Moore


Northstar Property Management                                                      (503) 636-2232

Provides higher end home rentals in the Portland Metro area & suburbs

Contact: Quinn or Kim Neiland


Performance Properties, Inc.                                                             (503) 293-2782

Homes, Condos, Multiplexes in all areas of Portland


P&W Real Estate                                                                                 (503) 208-2991

Rental homes in East and West Portland Metro areas

Contact: Matt Williams


Portland Rental Service                                                                     (503) 292-4451

Homes, Row Houses, Apartments in and around Portland – pet friendly spaces


Portland Signature Properties                                                           (503) 484-5617

Rental homes in all areas of Portland, including the outer suburbs


Preferred Properties Northwest                                                        (503) 649-0990

Homes for rent in the Pacific Northwest, not specific to Portland


Performance Properties, Inc.                                                             (503) 331-0969

Provides rental homes and apartments in the Portland Metro areas


Rappold Properties                                                                            (503) 232-5990


Regency Property Management                                                       (503) 670-7739

Properties throughout the greater Portland area

Contact: Matt Schwab – cell 503-724-0037



Rental Management Service                                                             (503) 280-8786


Residential Property Management (RPM)                                        (503) 245-8022

Homes, Town Homes and Condos; Southeast, Southwest and Northwest areas


RHP                                                                                                     (503) 224-0230


The Sunset Group, Inc.                                                                      (503) 579-3000

Homes, Condos, Apartments in all areas


The Management Group                                                                   (503) 598-0552

All Clark County; as far East as Camas and as far North as La Center


Windsor Properties                                                                            (503) 640-1755

Homes in Aloha, Hillsboro, Scappoose & Woodburn



Vancouver, WA Property Management Firms

The Management Group                                                                   (360) 892-4000

All Clark County; as far East as Camas and as far North as La Center


NW Management Exclusive, Inc.                                                      (360) 892-8798

All of Clark County


Ross Pacific Management                                                                 (360) 574-7647

All of Clark County


Rental Specialists

Corporate Rentals & Destination Services                                        (503) 810-6723

Rental specialists for Portland Metro Area; fee based personal rental tours & research

Contact: Kris Bos

corprentpdx@aol.com or snkbox@aol.com

Melissa Hillman                                                                                 (503) 351-6371

Rental specialist for Portland Metro Area; fee based personal rental tours & research


Newspapers, Websites, Magazines

The Oregonian                                                                                                                      


Search for rental properties in the classified section

The Portland Tribune Rentals




Every Apartment Mapped

Want to find apartments in a certain location? Search here


For Rent Magazine                                                                            (800) 845-0800

Search for apartments in Portland, Vancouver, Bend or almost anywhere in the USA


Pet Friendly Apartments



Apartments Close to the Max Line

Portland, Beaverton & Hillsboro

The Merrick                                                                              (503) 231-0716

1231 NE MLK Blvd.

Portland, OR 97232


LaSalle                                                                                                (866) 915-1039

15021 SW Milikan Way

Beaverton, OR 97006


Centerpointe                                                                           (503) 677-2700

15290 SW Millikan Way

Beaverton, OR 97006


Elmonica Court                                                                       (503) 617-6625

1248 SW Kiley Way

Beaverton, OR 97006


Quatama Crossing                                                                 (503) 645-8215

20700 NW Trail Walk Dr.

Beaverton, OR 97006


Quatama Village                                                                    (866) 695-3105

380 NW Gina Way

Beaverton, OR 97006


The Round                                                                              (503) 641-1019

12600 SW Crescent St.

Beaverton, OR 97005


Orenco Garden                                                                      (877) 810-7018

6199 NE Alder

Hillsboro, OR 97124


Nexus                                                                                     (503) 693-7490

1299 Orenco Station Parkway

Hillsboro, OR 97232


Verandas at Hazel Grove                                                      (503) 617-6000

2501 NW Overlook Dr.

Hillsboro, OR 97124


Colonnade                                                                              (503) 764-1481

20311 NW Colonnade

Hillsboro, OR 97124


Rock Creek Landing                                                               (503) 531-1900

3009 NW Overlook Dr.

Hillsboro, OR 97124